Instagram Vs. Vine

vine-instagramAs you probably already know, this past Thursday Instagram released their new video feature. We noticed some questions about Instagram video popping up all over social media. Some of these questions were, “What’s the difference between Instagram video and Vine” and “Why do I need this service when I already use Vine”. We’re hear to clear the air a little bit. While these two apps are quite simliar, there are some defining differences.

Video length: The videos you create on Instagram are longer than those on Vine. This is 15 seconds compared to 6.

Filters: Like photos on Instagram, you can add filters to your videos. There were 13 filters created for Instagram videos. Vine does not have filters.

Loop: A great aspect of Vine is the video loop. If you watch a video it will play over and over again on repeat. That way if you miss something you can see it the next round. Instagram videos do not have loop. Once they are done you will have to replay the video to view it again.

Sharing ability: Vine videos are best seen and most easily shared on Twitter. These videos take advantage of Twitter cards and you can watch the videos while scrolling through your timeline. Instagram’s videos will only appear as links. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook there is better integration there.

Overall, Instagram has a larger market share than Vine. This may be because it has been around longer. We say, let the battle for the top video sharing app begin! Which do you prefer, Vine or Instagram?


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