Turbine’s Favorite Tweeters

fauxpeliniWe’re a little obsessed with Twitter, and we follow a wide variety of accounts. We thought it’d be great to share some of the staff’s favorite tweeters.


As hardcore Husker fans, it’s hard not to love Fake Bo Pelini. From the Christmas themed profile picture to his live tweeting of sporting events, we can’t get enough. Be sure to check him out on Husker football game days. He does a question and answer session at halftime. Everyone from Turbine gives a thumbs up for FauxPelini.


Joe Posnanski is a sports journalist out of Charlotte, North Carolina. David, our media guy, recommends following him, especially if you’re a huge sports fan. Dave says, “He’s thought provoking and talented.” In 2011, Joe named National Sportswriter of the Year. If you want a deeper look into the world of sports, check Joe out.


We love some good satire. The Onion is widely known and can stir up some trouble from time to time. For a good laugh, check out their tweets and news stories. If you’re looking for an account that doesn’t use profanity, than The Onion is not for you.


Caleb, one of our web developers, highly recommends this account. He says, “Most of the time it doesn’t make sense and it’s funny.” We checked it out and he’s right! If you’re in need of a good head shake and a laugh, follow @Horse_ebooks.

These are just a few of our favorite Twitter accounts. As you can tell, we love sports, satire, and weird humor. We don’t think our obsession with these tweeters will go away anytime soon.


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