Video Editing Apps

We love our smartphones, and we love having the ability to shoot video on them. There are tons of apps out there that help with shooting and editing video. What’s great about video editing apps is that they’re inexpensive and they allow anyone to learn simple editing skills. Mashable has a cool article that highlights ten video editing apps, and we decided to do an overview of a few of them that are compatible for both the iOS and Android platforms.



We dedicated a blog to this app a few weeks ago. Magisto analyzes your videos, picks the best footage, and edits your video for you. You choose background music, themes, and effects and Magisto adds them into your video. This is a free app.


Viddy is an app that lets you record multiple clips by pausing and resuming video. You can do this for up to 30 seconds.  After shooting your video you can add effects, music, and contrast. This app is also free.


Splice, like the other apps mentioned, allows you to add music and effects to your videos. This app allows you to add music from your library and narrate with your own voice. Splice is free for iOS and costs $2.99 for Android.

These are just a few video editing apps that we looked into. There are tons out there for both iOS and Android. What’s your favorite editing app?


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