LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn is a great social networking website that allows you to build a professional profile and connect with other work professionals. In January, the website reached 200 million users. LinkedIn is a great place to job hunt and read content related to your work. Your LinkedIn professional profile is like a resumé, and is a great place to highlight who you are. Here are some tips on how you can optimize and improve your professional profile:

Profile picture: 

LinkedIn is a place to highlight who you are as a professional. People want to put a face to the name. When choosing a profile picture, avoid group photos or pictures of low quality. You should use a high-quality, recent photo of yourself. A headshot makes a great profile picture.

Details, details, details:

linkedinprofilecompletenessOne thing we like to stress about LinkedIn profiles is detail. The more detailed the profile, the better. Post your current position and your past job positions as well. Like a resumé, add your relevant work experience and details for each job. To do this add bullet points or a short summary that gives an overview of your current and past positions. What’s another way to add detail? Create a summary for the top of your profile that gives a brief overview of who you are as a professional. Other things you should have on your profile: education, skills and expertise, contact information, and interests. There are many other things you can add to your profile to make sure you’re fully optimizing it.

Profile URL: 

Like Facebook, you can customize your profile URL on LinkedIn. To do this go to settings and then select “edit your public profile.” On the lower right-hand side of the page it will show your current URL. Below that is an option to customize it. Your profile URL should be simple and easy to remember.

Be honest:

Lying on your LinkedIn profile is a no-no. It is not tolerated in the professional world and you can easily be caught. With the Internet it is fairly easy to check is something is true or not. Lying on your profile also shows that you may be untrustworthy as well as unethical. If you’re not proficient in a certain skill, don’t say that you are.

These are just a few tips on how you can fully optimize your LinkedIn profile. To reach your full profile potential sign into your LinkedIn account and play around with it. Edit your profile and see how many cool features you can add so your profile reaches its full potential.


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