Website No-Nos

6a00e54f923408883301676532ac05970bIn today’s world, consumers expect a lot from your brand. Often people define brands by their online presence. If you have broken elements on your website, you’re probably pushing consumers away. Social Media Today gave us some further insight on website no-nos. When it comes to your website, here are some things you should avoid:

1. Bad Content

Consumers expect your website to be informative. They also want value. For whatever service or product you provide, you need to establish your website as the go-to resource. Avoid using jargon that people won’t understand. Think about the reader and make your content a priority.  This means that you should update frequently. If something needs to be changed or added, do it ASAP. Not having an informative and easy to follow website will turn consumers away.

2. Lame Design

What do you want users to see when they visit your website? If you didn’t heavily consider the user experience when choosing a website design, then it’s time to revamp. Did you consider your own likes and dislikes when choosing a layout? Your business’ website needs to reflect the goals and values that you have. It also needs to have seamless user experience. Without these things, your website won’t see the number of visits you desire.

3. Confusing/Messy Messaging

Along with good design, your website messaging should be clear and reflect your company’s goals and values. You need to have a clear brand message. Be simple, clear, and concise. Who are you? Why are you in business? What product/service are you selling? Who are you selling to? Why should people buy from you? Not answering these simple questions on your website is a big no-no. You need to let consumers know who you are in an uncomplicated way.

4. Lack of Interactivity 

Does your website have calls-to-action? If no, you need to have them, and they should be enticing. There should be descriptive and interesting landing pages that inspire people to keep reading. Also, your social media streams should be on your website. By doing this consumers can share your content and invite people back to your website.

Having a strong online presence is key in today’s social, mobile, and Internet driven society. If your website is dealing with any of the issues listed above, fix them, and do it fast!


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