Avoid a Twitter Hack

APTwitterHackWe’ve seen this all over the news lately. Big time Twitter accounts, such as the Associated Press and The Onion, were hacked. Back in February, Burger King and Jeep experienced hacks. This made us worry a bit about our own Twitter account, and lead us to do some research on how to protect it. Here are some tips that will help you and your business avoid a hack:

1. Change your password regularly and make sure they’re strong

Password hacking has become extremely sophisticated. When you create a password make sure it is strong and contains numbers, capital letters, and symbols.

2. Don’t share passwords via email 

Just like Twitter, email accounts can be hacked as well. Try to avoid sharing password information through email.

3. Avoid using mobile devices for corporate accounts

Phones can easily be lost or stolen. If you’re logged into your company’s Twitter account, the thief has access to that. Don’t rely on security code protection to keep your Twitter account safe.

4. Limit who has access to the account

Only a small number of people (five or less) should have access to the company Twitter account. If you have over five, it’s time to cut down.


One thought on “Avoid a Twitter Hack

  1. Very nice information. Thank you very much! Now i know i am safe :’) Giving out a free hacking service on my website, i get worried that people will use it against me! Cheers, many thanks!

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