Make Your Content Snackable

Did you know that the average adult attention span is decreasing? It went from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 in 2012. We’re getting more impatient, which means it’s harder to grab and keep a person’s attention. This is where snackable content comes in. Snackable content can be described as bite-sized pieces of information that can be quickly consumed by its audience. A panel at SXSW, called “The Future of Snackable Content”, argued that this type of content isn’t a dumbing down of media. Snackable content is simply the reflection that everything is getting smaller and faster. Your content must be easily graspable and consumable.


Here are some examples of snackable content:




-Short videos

Your snackable content should leave the audience hungry for more. The content should “create deeper meaning through references to shared stories or experiences.” The overall goal is to create content that consumers can quickly engage with.

For some more information on snackable content check out this article from Mashable.



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