Gmail Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it, just about everyone has a Gmail account. It is pretty easy to use, but did you know there are a lot of tips and tricks that can make using Gmail even easier? We got some great ideas from an article on TeachThought and have listed a few of them. 


1. Use your search bar

The search bar is extremely handy when you’re trying to find something in your mailbox. If you click on the arrow in the righthand corner of your search box you can use filtered search, which makes sure you find what you’re looking for faster. You can narrow it down to subject, sender/receiver, or words used in the email.

2. Cut text in email replies 

Email threads can be very long and often get annoying to sift through. If you want to quote some text in a reply, and not send the whole email again, simply hit reply and then highlight the text you want to use. After highlighting the text you want to keep, hit reply in the upper lefthand corner of the email box. By clicking that it should only show the text you highlighted. 

3. Keyboard shortcuts

Gmail provides a lot of keyboard shortcuts that you can implement. Simply go to settings, scroll down to keyboard shortcuts and click on. Google provides a list of shortcuts you can use. 

There are many more Gmail tips and tricks you can read on TeachThought. 


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