Facebook Update for iOS App

If you haven’t already visited Facebook from your mobile device, you’ll discover that it’s time to run an update, in particular or iOS users.  Yes, Facebook has implemented changes once again.  What are these changes you ask?  Here’s a quick run down:

Facebook Home – There was rumor that an actual Facebook phone was being released, when in reality, it was more of a skin or wrap available only to a few select Android model phone users, with more models to hit in May. Users can download an alternative Home screen or and screen lock that features their Facebook news feed.

Chat Heads – Chat heads are a new feature to iOS users.  Rather than receiving a chat request, a bubble will appear with the users head and request to chat.  This isn’t really an increase in functionality, but is it more fun to use?  Yep!  What’s nice, too is that your chat will continue, even as you cruise through other areas of Facebook.  It’s important to note that Facebook Home users for Android, actually always have access to Chat Heads, regardless of the app their using, while iOS users only have access while using the Facebook app.

Stickers – There are various explanations for stickers.  The predominant is that they are emoticons, but bigger that will be available for download in packs.  Right now, they are free and speculation has it that they will soon cost a small amount.

News Feed – the news feed has been updated in appearance really, rather than function.  Content has been centered in the feed and pictures and graphics are taking a front row seat, rather than copy.  All links, tabs and names are shown in bold, black.  Also, on the mobile, but not the tablet you have an option of what feed to follow.  One option is Friends and this is feed, no ads appear!

To read more specifics, visit http://www.insidefacebook.com/2013/04/16/facebook-updates-iphone-app-with-stickers-and-chat-heads-ipad-gets-new-design/



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